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Emmanuelle Chriqui
Antje Traue
Val Kilmer
Dean Cain
Andy Garcia
Mikko Nousiainen
Rade Serbedzija
Heather Graham
Rupert Friend
Richard Coyle

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iPOP ‘5 Days of War’ in New York City - indieWIRE ‘5 Days of War’ in New York City - Action director Renny Harlin (‘Cliffhanger,’ ‘Deep Blue Sea’) unveiled his take on 2008’s five-day war between Russia and Georgia, ‘5. The story is about the 2008 Russo-Georgian war including the events. 5 Days of War is a fictionalized account of the 2008 fighting between Russia and Georgia. 5 Days of War (2011) - IMDb A drama set centered around the war between Russia and Georgia, and focused on an American journalist, his cameraman, and a Georgian native who become caught in the. On Russia-Georgia Border, Caught In ‘5 Days Of War’ Drawing on both his action-flick chops and his family background, Die Hard 2 director Renny Harlin battles his way back from straight-to-video purgatory with 5 Days of War. They’ve been around as long as there have EXCLUSIVE: Renny Harlin Talks 5 Days of War. 5 Days of August - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 5 Days of August (also known as 5 Days of War) is a 2011 action film by Finnish director Renny Harlin. 5 Days of War Shows Russia and Georgia in. War zone reporters and the dangerous, adrenaline-fueled lives they lead are not new topics in narrative cinema. Based on true events, this intense film is a vivid account of a renegade. Review: 5 Days of War Should Probably Feel. ‘5 Days of War’ - Review | CraveOnline 5 Days of War struggles with balancing a legitimate message and telling a straightforward story about the journalists who cover these war zones. . 5 Days of War - Movie Trailers - iTunes 5 Days of War is an action-packed international thriller from acclaimed director, Renny Harlin. Renny Harlin offers insight into the making of 5 Days of War, his most personal film to date Exclusive Clip From 5 Days of War ComingSoon.net has your exclusive first look at a clip from Renny Harlin’s 5 Days of War, starring Rupert Friend, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Richard Coyle, Andy

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